Why buy an air conditioner in Wevelgem?

There are many advantages. We would like to list them for you:

1. Climate Control

An overly warm environment can be very annoying, but with a properly adjusted air conditioner, you can enjoy a pleasant coolness on hot summer days. Although this is the best-known benefit of an air conditioner, the system offers even more pluses. For example, an air conditioning system can also serve as a heating for a room. In addition, modern air conditioning systems provide proper air filtration, ventilation and humidity, resulting in cleaner and purified air.

2. Increased performance

There are several studies showing that air conditioning not only benefits employees, but also customers. Below are some examples:

  • High temperatures can significantly reduce people's productivity. Studies show that the most appropriate temperature for optimal performance is about 21 degrees Celsius. With an air conditioner, this constant temperature can be achieved, resulting in a more comfortable work environment and better performance.
  • The filters in air conditioners improve the quality of indoor air, leading to higher energy levels and increased concentration in employees, which in turn has a positive effect on their performance.
  • Many supermarkets and hospitality businesses have installed air conditioners to improve the air quality and temperature in their business, making it more pleasant for customers to stay in the business. This can lead to increased spending because customers stay longer.
 In short, an air conditioner not only improves comfort in the workplace, but also has positive effects on the productivity and well-being of both employees and customers. Thus, it can be a worthwhile investment.

3. Low heating costs

Often, people don't realize that air conditioners with energy-efficient heat pumps can be a smart financial choice. In addition to cooling capabilities, these heat pumps can also provide fast, energy-efficient heating. Combined with solar panels, this can lead to a very energy-efficient system to control the indoor climate in a sustainable way, resulting in lower energy costs.

Why Wevelgemnaren want an air conditioner

1. Climate Control

Always your ideal temperature

2. Higher performance

More productivity and fun

3. Low cost heating

Save energy and costs

Different air conditioners

There are several types of air conditioners, the most common types being split air conditioners and monoblock air conditioners:

  • Split air conditioners consist of an indoor and outdoor unit and are typically used in large spaces, such as hospitality venues and commercial buildings.
  • Monoblock air conditioners, on the other hand, are suitable for smaller spaces, such as bedrooms, and consist of only one unit, namely the indoor unit. AeroConsult mainly focuses on monoblock air conditioners.

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Choosing the best air conditioner

When choosing an air conditioner, it is essential to select a model that best suits the room you want to cool or heat. An important factor here is the capacity of the air conditioner. In fact, it is possible to choose an air conditioner with a higher capacity than necessary, but this can lead to large temperature fluctuations and unnecessary energy consumption. An air conditioner with too low a capacity, on the other hand, can cause problems in achieving the desired temperature.

These elements affect the capacity determination:

1. The size of the room

2. The number of people who regularly use the space

3. The light sources present

If you call on AeroConsult, our air conditioning installer from Wevelgem will inform you perfectly about which capacity is best for you.

Air conditioning installation

AeroConsult offers two options for the install of a monoblock air conditioner, and both provide quick and efficient installation:

  • You can opt for self-installation using a comprehensive manual that we will send to you,
  • or you can opt for professional installation by a certified AeroConsult expert. Then this person will come to your location in Wevelgem to install the air conditioner professionally and reliably.


AeroConsult recommends that air conditioner owners in Wevelgem have their air conditioner checked at least once a year check. Through this annual maintenance, you can be sure that your air conditioner will continue to function optimally. This is because a poorly maintained air conditioner can cause pollen, mold and bacteria to spread in your home, which can pose a risk to the health of you and your family.


The Monoblock air conditioners from AeroConsult typically require almost no maintenance, so you can enjoy a healthy and comfortable living environment worry-free. If a problem does arise, AeroConsult will be there for you.

Your ideal indoor climate in Wevelgem

If you are looking for an air conditioner in Wevelgem that provides a pleasant indoor climate all year round, AeroConsult is the perfect choice. Our dedicated and experienced installation team, including from Wevelgem, offers personalized advice and customized services to ensure you select the perfect air conditioner and have it professionally installed. With an AeroConsult air conditioner you create a comfortable and healthy living or working environment where you always have the desired temperature, regardless of the weather outside.

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