Heating with air conditioning

Air conditioners are a handy tool for keeping a room pleasantly cool on hot summer days, that's obvious. But did you know that an air conditioner can do much more than that? For example, modern air conditioning systems can also be used as a heating source. Since an air conditioner is usually located in a room where you like to adjust your temperature, such as your bedroom or office, this is therefore a handy thing to have.

We explain in this article exactly how heating with an air conditioner works, and the benefits it can bring.

How does heating with air conditioning work?

An air conditioner that allows you to cool and heat typically contains a reversible air-to-air heat pump. To get your space to your desired temperature, the heat pump proceeds as follows:

  • To heat a room, outdoor air is pumped at higher pressure. As a result, this air heats up and the energy gained is transferred to indoor units. The degree to which this energy is transferred depends on the desired room temperature.
  • To cool a room, the reverse happens. By relaxing the pumped air, you obtain cold air that enters the house through the same system and lowers the room temperature.

This allows you to set the indoor temperature to your liking not only during heat waves, but also during cold and icy weather. This makes a reversible air-to-air heat pump very energy-efficient and efficient, as it can supply and move more energy than the unit itself requires.

For whom is buying an air conditioner with heat pump interesting?

Purchasing an air conditioner that also allows you to heat is a useful investment. However, there are some situations in which this purchase is even more interesting. We explain:

  • You are building a new home and you do not yet have a central heating system. In that case, an air conditioner with an air-to-air heat pump is an environmentally friendly and economical way to regulate the temperature of your home.
  • You already have an electric heating system, such as an electric-powered central plant. Such a system can lead to high energy costs in some cases. When you use an air conditioner with heat pump, you consume on average up to four times less energy for your air conditioning system. This will obviously translate into lower energy bills.
  • When the price you pay for a kilowatt-hour of electricity is less than 2.5 times the price for a kilowatt-hour of natural gas. If this is the case, you pay less by heating with an air conditioner than if you were heating with natural gas, and it is interesting to purchase an air conditioner with a heating option.

NOTE: A single unit is not enough to heat an entire house in most situations. For that, you need a multi-unit air-to-air heat pump. As a tip, you can get the most benefit from an individual unit when you heat in a targeted way. For example, you can organize as many activities as possible in one central room in your home. If you do this, you can save a lot of energy.

The benefits of heating with an air conditioner at a glance

We already briefly recalled here and there an benefits of air conditioning heating, but we list them again here:

  • An air conditioner is able to get and room to your desired temperature quickly. On both hot and cold days, you can regulate your indoor climate according to your needs.
  • The benefit you get from heating with an air conditioner depends on several factors. It is usually cheaper than heating with a gas-fired central heating boiler;
  • The air-to-air heat pump maximizes efficiency and energy savings. In addition, do you have or want solar panels? Then your heating is very energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.
  • This energy efficiency is usually accompanied by lower energy bills. Your wallet thanks you in advance.
  • A heat pump air conditioner is fairly easy to install. Even in small rooms, air conditioners can be installed.

We should note, however, that such air conditioners cannot be combined with existing heating appliances. Does your home have radiators? Then air conditioners will function separately from this system. Should you wish to pair a heat pump with these devices, air-to-air heat pumps are still an interesting investment. This heat pump will use the warm air from the environment to heat the water in the radiators.

How much does an air conditioner with heater cost?

AeroConsult has a range of air conditioners with heat pumps in its range. The prices of these air conditioners range from 1,085 euros and 2,590 euros. You can choose to install them yourself, or have them installed by an expert. When you know that you can save a lot of energy, and further energy costs, by heating with an air conditioner, this is certainly a useful and profitable investment.

Now what if you want to heat your entire house?

If you only want to heat one or two rooms, an air conditioner with an air-to-air heat pump is a good option. But for heating your whole house, you will need several air-to-air heat pump air conditioners. However, you can opt for an air-water heat pump in this case, such as a hybrid heat pump or an all-electric heat pump. By the way, in terms of efficiency, an air conditioner and an air-water heat pump are comparable.

The ideal climate control at your home?

Are you looking for an energy-efficient way to heat your rooms, and have you found your solution with this air-to-air heat pump? Then AeroConsult would be happy to help you further. Our experienced experts, specialized in monoblock air conditioners, will be happy to inform you about the suitable options for your situation, and you can count on a professional installation.

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