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Aeroconsult offers innovative high-tech air cleaners for qualitative air purification in the home. Our advanced products disinfect and filter the air in your home and thus guarantee optimal safety and air quality. Aeroconsult offers air purification products that are available separately, but can also be integrated in our balanced ventilation and air conditioning systems.

In addition to air conditioners and air purifiers , AeroConsult also offers heat pump boilers. With these heat pump boilers, we want to give everyone the opportunity to save energy and heat water in their homes in an energy-efficient way.

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Our mission is to drastically improve indoor air quality using air purification technology. Our air purification systems filter the air of impurities such as fine dust, toxic gases. Our portable devices are easy to use, low-maintenance and safe.

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AeroConsult is part of GroupConsult

GroupConsult aims to create a pleasant and healthy living environment and offers solutions for cooling, heating, ventilation, air cleaning, moisture control, insulation and moss control.

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