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Monoblock air conditioning systems are air conditioning systems without an outdoor unit and AeroConsult works with Innova Monoblock air conditioning systems without an outdoor unit. A product that combines technological progressiveness, an attractive look and ease of use.

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innova monoblock air conditioner

The advantages of the Innova Monoblock Air Conditioner

There are many advantages to the Innova Monoblock Air Conditioner 2.0. Let's take a look at them:

Cooling and heating

The most common use of an air conditioner is of course cooling, but the Innova Monoblock Airco 2.0 can also heat. In addition, ventilation is possible so that you are always in a perfect living or working environment.

Italian design

The Innova Monoblock is only 16 centimetres deep and has no external unit; only fixed external grilles. The Innova Monoblock Airco is also authentically Italian in design, so it fits in with any interior without a problem. No more cumbersome air conditioners!

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Easy to use

This air conditioner is a real technological marvel. Its operation is very simple: you can control it via the touchscreen on the air conditioner, via the remote control that comes with it or via an app on your smartphone.

Self-installing or having installed

No cutting or breaking is involved in the installation. So you can choose whether to install the air conditioner yourself or have it installed by a specialist. If you choose to install the Innova Monoblock Air Conditioner yourself, a detailed user manual will get you started.

Environmentally friendly

Unlike many other air conditioners, the Innova Monoblock Airco 2.0 is very environmentally friendly. It has the energy class A+. So it has no negative impact on your energy budget.

No maintenance required

An air conditioner without an outdoor unit is maintenance-free. The Innova Monoblock Air Conditioner therefore does not require annual maintenance. This would be the case for air conditioners with an outdoor unit.

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Fast delivery and possibility to collect

We have enough stock to cool you down quickly. Choose to install your air conditioner yourself? Then you'll receive the unit within five days. For delivery and installation of the unit, you can count on a delivery period of up to two weeks. Units can also be collected upon receipt of payment.

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Where in the house should an Innova Monoblock Air Conditioner be placed?

Zoals al eerder aangehaald, gaat de Innova Monoblock Airco 2.0 moeiteloos op in je interieur. Je kan het dus zonder probleem in je woonkamer of slaapkamer plaatsen zonder dat het te veel opvalt.


However, an Innova Monoblock Air Conditioner must be installed on an external wall so that it can use fresh air to work. The big advantage there is that there are only two small fixed grilles that you see on your facade; and not a big bulky outdoor unit.

What is the price of an Innova Monoblock Air Conditioner?

De Innova Monoblock Airco-heater 2.0 is te verkrijgen vanaf 1.725 euro, maar de prijs van deze monoblock airco hangt af van verschillende factoren: hoe groot in de ruimte die je wil koelen, verwarmen en/of ventileren? Installeer je de airco zelf of laat je ze liever installeren? Hoe oud is je huis? Dit zijn allemaal zaken die meespelen in het bepalen van de prijs.


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