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At Aeroconsult, we assure you not only the high quality of our energy-efficient air conditioning, air purification solutions and heat pumps, but also the most competitive prices on the market. Our dedication to providing value goes hand in hand with our commitment to environmentally conscious and healthy living environments. We believe in delivering top quality without straining your budget, allowing you to confidently invest in a more comfortable and sustainable lifestyle with Aeroconsult.

Luxury for less: Experience premium air conditioners, air purifiers and heat pumps without straining your budget.

Sustainable comfort: Make sustainable choices for a better lifestyle while improving your indoor environment and comfort.

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Long-term value: Invest in our products and benefit from long-term energy savings and an improved living environment, making your investment pay for itself.

Innova 2.0 12HP

Cool and heat your home in an energy-efficient way with the Innova 2.0 air conditioner from AeroConsult. This model of Innova is an air conditioner without an outdoor unit that you can operate flexibly. The air conditioner is simple to install and also elegantly integrated into any interior.

The benefits of the Innova 2.0

cools, heats and ventilates
your exterior facade remains untouched
simple installation
operation via touchscreen, remote control or smartphone
elegant, sleek Italian design
suitable for self-installation or installation by our team
energy efficient

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The Innova 2.0 12HP air conditioner can be installed quickly and neatly, two small holes in the wall are enough to supply and exhaust air through vents. The built-in heat pump reduces your energy consumption. Find out more about its technical features:

Energy class refrigeration
A +

Heating energy class


Power supply (mono only)
230 V / 50 Hz

Cooling capacity
3.1 kW

Heat capacity
2.36 kW

Sound pressure (min-max)
27 - 41 dB

Air duct connection Ø
2 x 162 mm

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