AeroConsult values high and safe air quality.

For this reason, we offer innovative and high-tech air conditioners and air purifiers, for an optimal and healthy indoor climate. Our products not only filter your indoor air, they also cool and heat your rooms in an energy-efficient manner. Thus, we guarantee comfort and you experience your ideal indoor temperature at all times.

Our specializations

Monoblock air conditioners

AeroConsult is highly specialized in modern air conditioners without outdoor unit that both cool, heat and ventilate in a sustainable, energy-efficient and reliable manner.

Heat Pumps

In addition to air conditioners, AeroConsult also provides ionization systems that allow you to optimally purify the air in your home, and we offer heat pump boilers to intelligently heat domestic water as well.


Our mission is simple: we want to provide our customers with a healthy home with optimal indoor climate through our air purifiers. We strive to purify and cool or heat their indoor air in a way that is energy efficient, environmentally friendly and affordable.


Through our high-quality air purifying solutions, we aim to contribute to a healthier and sustainable world. We strive to create a better living environment for people by offering air purifiers and air conditioners that are not only effective in removing pollutants from the air, but are also energy efficient and environmentally friendly.


Analysis. Our experts are ready to visit your home for a free consultation. They will review with you the options for providing clean air to your home. Expertise. AeroConsult has 20 years of experience and only works with the best products and the most knowledgeable professionals. Sustainability. Not only do we want to provide a quality long-term solution for you and your family, we also want to do our part for the planet by focusing on energy-efficient and sustainable products.

Where can you find AeroConsult?

AeroConsult is active throughout Flanders. We are active in all Flemish provinces, where there are field engineers working everywhere. So there is always someone near you and we can help you as soon as possible.

Need advice or want a free expertise?

Not sure what is possible for your home? Or are you still stuck with questions? Contact us for a no-obligation appointment and our field engineers will see how they can provide your home with clean air.
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AeroConsult is part of a solid Belgian group

AeroConsult is part of GroupConsult, a Belgian company that strives daily to create a pleasant and healthy living environment. Each division has its own specific expertise, with reliability, sustainability and craftsmanship as the common denominator.

Smart energy solutions


Moisture control and ventilation


Insulation basement ceilings, attic roofs and attic floors


Moss control and hydrofuge

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