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Our solutions with heat pump

AeroConsult offers two types of products with heat pump technology:

  • Air conditioning solutions with heat pump: to heat, cool and ventilate your rooms
  • Heat pump boilers: for heating domestic water
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The benefits of working with a heat pump

There are a lot of good reasons to choose this technology. A heat pump:
  • Provides comfort in heating, cooling and hot water
  • makes efficient use of free available energy
  • Makes you less dependent on gas or oil
  • limits your impact on the climate through low carbon emissions
  • works perfectly in combination with photovoltaic systems
  • can be purchased with premiums from the Flemish government

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Budget-friendly solution thanks to installment payments

The AeroConsult heat pump boiler is eligible for the mijn Verbouwpremie (my renovation grant) from the Flemish government. In addition, AeroConsult allows you to make staggered payments at your own pace by opting for customized financing.

Tailored financing

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