You've tied the knot: you want to buy an air conditioner. Now it comes down to the careful installation of this air conditioner, as this will guarantee optimal operation. Since there is a lot involved in such an installation, you might consider hiring an air conditioning installer. In this article, we will discuss some useful tips when looking for an air conditioning installer.

How to choose a suitable air conditioning installer?

The search for a good installer for your new air conditioner involves several steps. We discuss them below:

1. Talk to several companies and get quotes.

As with many larger expenses, it is a good practice to contact several companies and request a quote from each. Not only will this give you a realistic idea of the usual prices for installing an air conditioner, you will also find out what is possible in your situation.

We offer some tips in advance:

  • We recommend reaching out to at least three different air conditioning companies in your area.
  • Make your question as specific as possible and give these companies as much information as possible about your specific situation. The more specific your question, the more accurate the quote and the better you can ascertain the suitability of the company in question.

Because there are many different factors involved in determining a suitable air conditioner, it is likely that the air conditioning installer will ask to visit you. That way, they will quickly get a clear idea of your specific situation, making the quote even more accurate.

2. Compare the different offers

You wrote to several air conditioning installers and received their quotes. Now it comes down to carefully comparing these quotes and their accompanying prices. Take the time to research what all is included in the proposed price and what types of air conditioners and capacities are recommended. Weigh several factors, for example:

  1. Which air conditioning company do I feel comfortable with?
  2. What types of devices are proposed, what powers and functions do they contain, and which of these best fit my needs?
  3. Which air conditioner is the most economical?
  4. How can the devices be operated, and which way do I prefer?
  5. Which device looks best?
  6. What prices are proposed?
  7. What warranty terms are offered, and what do I feel most comfortable with?
  8. Is maintenance provided?

Interesting fact: did you know that the age of your home plays a role in choosing an air conditioning installer? If your home is older than 10 years and you want to have an air conditioner professionally installed, you only pay 6% VAT on the entire bill. Is your home less than 10 years old? Then you will pay the usual 21% VAT. This is another interesting element to include in your considerations.

3. Make your choice and have the air conditioner installed

Have you carefully reviewed and compared all the quotes? Then now is the time to make your choice and select the air conditioning installer that best suits your needs and requirements. Once you have made your decision, it is advisable not to wait too long before contacting them. Otherwise, you run the risk of a long wait. Generally, installation can take place within as little as four weeks, although this can vary from company to company. Moreover, waiting times during the summer months tend to be longer than during the other months of the year. So it is important to make your decision early.
Air conditioning installer info

How does an air conditioning installer work?

After approving a quote and setting a date, the time has finally come: your air conditioner will be installed. In the case of a monoblock air conditioner, this installation does not take long. Installing a monoblock is usually quite simple and the air conditioning installer will proceed as follows:

  1. Drilling the holes. To install a monoblock air conditioner, two holes to the outside are needed to remove warm air and moisture directly. This requires drilling through the outside wall. These holes should be 10 to 15 cm in diameter.
  2. Installation of the grilles and air ducts. Next, the air ducts are installed. Then the bracket can be attached, followed by the installation of the grilles for air inlet and outlet.
  3. Installing the monoblock. After the bracket is firmly attached to the wall, the monoblock can be installed. To do this, the air conditioning installer lifts the unit to the height of the bracket and attaches it securely.

Watch the video below to see how such an installation works.

How much does air conditioning installation cost?

The cost of an air conditioner and its installation can vary depending on several factors, such as the company, the brand of the air conditioner, the power and the VAT rate. In general, the average price for an air conditioner including installation is between €1,000 and €3,500. At AeroConsult, for example, we offer monoblock air condition ers with installation starting at €1,505, making us one of the most economical options in Belgium.

Are you still looking for an air conditioning installer? Then be sure to contact us. Our experienced AeroConsult team is ready to assist you!