The temperature in your bedroom has a big impact on the quality of your sleep. However, because it can get very hot in the summer months, the bedroom is therefore the most chosen place to install an air conditioner. Because, with an air conditioner in your bedroom, you are always assured of a pleasant temperature. But, doesn't this come with dangers? And what should you pay attention to when you want to install an air conditioner in the bedroom? We give you the most important things.

What is the ideal temperature for your bedroom?

Many people can sleep fairly trouble-free in a hot bedroom, because when you sleep, your body temperature drops and high temperatures are not a problem in many cases. Falling asleep, on the other hand, that proves much more difficult for most people in a hot bedroom. The higher the temperature of your environment becomes, the harder it is to fall asleep.

At what temperature you then best fall asleep depends from person to person. On average, the ideal ambient temperature for your bedroom is between 16 and 18 degrees Celsius. To achieve and maintain this optimal temperature in your bedroom, even during the hot summer months, you can of course use an air conditioner.

Is an air conditioner in your bedroom healthy?

We often hear that sleeping with the air conditioner running is not healthy. However, nothing could be further from the truth! Modern air conditioners in bedrooms usually do not cause any problems. On the contrary, they purify and ventilate the air through the filters provided, and help regulate humidity. As a result, air conditioners help improve indoor air quality.

To avoid potential problems, however, you do need to use your bedroom air conditioner correctly. We offer some tips:

  • Have your air conditioner checked regularly by a licensed air conditioning contractor.
  • Try to keep the indoor temperature no more than 6 degrees Celsius different from the outdoor temperature.
  • Never aim the cold air blown by the air conditioner directly at your body or face.
  • Make sure the air conditioner does not run continuously throughout the night. There are normally settings for this.

Tips for choosing an air conditioner bedroom

What should you pay attention to when you want to buy an air conditioner for your bedroom? We list the most important things.

Choosing air conditioning tips

1. Choose an appropriate type of air conditioner

In a previous article, we discussed what types of air condition ers exist and what features they have. To choose a bedroom air conditioner, we are more likely to recommend a fixed air conditioner. This is because a mobile air conditioner usually needs a drain, and this often takes the form of a duct hung through the window. But, because you have to keep the window open, warm air can slip back in, making it difficult for your air conditioner to reach your desired temperature. In addition, this can also cause nighttime noise to wake you up. So, not ideal.

Are you going for a fixed air conditioner? Then you will still have to choose between a monoblock air conditioner or a split air conditioner. Both make good options for a bedroom. A split air conditioner is often slightly quieter, but this type is often more expensive than a monoblock air conditioner and is a bit more complicated to install. In addition, you need the space for an outdoor unit, which is a little less aesthetically pleasing. A monoblock air conditioner can provide a solution to this since it only has an indoor unit, although it is slightly louder than a split air conditioner. However, with modern monoblock air conditioners such as the Innova monoblocks, this difference in noise is minimal.

2. Determine the best place for the air conditioner

The best place for an air conditioner in the bedroom depends on the layout of the bedroom and the type of air conditioner:

  • Do you opt for a split air conditioner? Then it's best to have the indoor unit placed as close as possible to the outdoor unit to get the best effects.
  • Do you prefer a monoblock air conditioner? Then it's best to mount your air conditioner on an outside wall, so that the heat can be dissipated to the outside using grilles.

3. Choose an air conditioner that fits your budget

The total price of purchasing and installing an air conditioner depends on numerous factors. For example, power, brand and version play a role in determining the price. To give you an idea, Innova monoblock air conditioners cost between 1,775 euros and 2,595 euros, VAT included. The exact price depends on the model and whether you wish to install the air conditioner yourself or prefer to have it installed by a certified AeroConsult technician. With these prices, AeroConsult is the very cheapest in Belgium and the Netherlands.

4. Think beyond the summer months

An air conditioner is obviously a useful investment for summer to ensure your sleep. However, it is also interesting if your air conditioner can assist you after the hottest months of the year. The heat pumps in more modern air conditioning systems, for example Innova's monoblock air conditioners, can also heat your bedroom efficiently and energy-efficiently. Here's how it works:

  • To heat the bedroom, outside air is pumped at higher pressure.
  • As a result, this air heats up and the energy gained is transferred to indoor units.
  • The degree to which this energy is transmitted depends on the desired room temperature.

So consider the possible multifunctionality of an air conditioner in your bedroom.


After reading this article, are you looking for an air conditioner that can perfectly cool (and heat) your bedroom so you never have to have another sleepless night? Contact AeroConsult now and our experts will be happy to help you.

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