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Do you have a ComfoAir Q450 or Q600 ventilation system in your home or workplace? Then you enjoy purified indoor air and improved air quality. Since September 2023, AeroConsult is further expanding these benefits with our latest addition to our range: the Zehnder ComfoClime 36 air-to-air heat pump. This allows you to enjoy fresh and healthy air all year round, regardless of the season.

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About the ComfoClime 36 air-to-air heat pump

The Zehnder ComfoClime 36 air-to-air heat pump was created to make the indoor climate of families and workers even more pleasant. The air-to-air heat pump from Zehnder provides both cooling on hot days and heating on fresher days to the fresh air supplied by the ComfoAir ventilation unit, adding an extra layer of comfort. The two units are fully and automatically integrated, allowing you to enjoy the best indoor climate.

The advantages of this air-to-air heat pump

In addition to efficient temperature control combined with effective air purification, the ComfoClime has many other advantages:

  • Cools and heats 100% fresh air
  • Based on the latest air-to-air heat pump technology, including highly efficient refrigerant gas (R32)
  • Seamless integration of the ComfoClime with the ComfoAir Q450 and Q600
  • Highly energy-efficient and environmentally friendly: maximum efficiency and minimum consumption
  • Easy to control via the Zehnder ComfoControl app on your smartphone
  • Suitable for homes with 300 to 600 m3/h
  • Wide power range: the air-to-air heat pump has a heating capacity of 2.4 kW at 600 m3/h and a cooling capacity of 2.6 kW at 600 m3/h

Installing a ComfoClime 36 air-to-air heat pump

This heat pump offers flexibility in installation. Not only new construction houses or offices, but also existing buildings with an already existing ComfoAir Q450 or Q600 ventilation unit can supplement their air purification system at a later date. Thanks to the space-saving installation, namely directly above the ComfoAir Q450 or Q600, the Zehnder ComfoClime 36 can be integrated even in smaller rooms.

Have you tied the knot and want to purchase this air-to-air heat pump? Then you can choose to install the unit yourself, or you can leave its installation to our experts. The Zehnder ComfoClime 36 is delivered and installed for free by our installers.

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Low Price Guarantee

At AeroConsult, we offer a Lowest Price Guarantee, which means we assure you of the lowest possible price in Belgium and the Netherlands. If you can demonstrably find a lower price elsewhere at the time you purchased an air-to-air heat pump from us, we will refund the price difference to you.

Free and fast delivery

Thanks to our extensive stock, you can get to us quickly and we limit long delivery times. Moreover, transport costs within Belgium are fully included in the price.


Unlike some other suppliers, we do not require a mandatory maintenance contract from you. This is because this air-to-air heat pump is low maintenance. If something does go wrong, you can always contact our our experts experts. So you can rest easy.

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