Air conditioning Ypres

Interested in an excellent Air Conditioning not far from Ypres or zip code 8900 in West Flanders? As a Ypres resident, you want to be prepared in advance for a likely heat wave and inquire now about an air conditioning installation in the Cat City?

Air conditioning is here to stay

A flawlessly tuned air conditioner provides your bedroom and entrance hall with a very comfortable coolness on hot summer days. Nothing more irritating than working in a room that is too hot. Above all, rooms behind glass windows heat up tremendously in the summer. Installing an air conditioner is the solution. Air conditioning has become a necessity in our daily lives.

Air conditioning installer Ypres

A reliable air conditioning installer in our town on Ieperlee? You would like to receive specialized information about air conditioning? Would you like to receive a no-obligation suggestion from an air conditioning installer in Ypres? Then is the right place for you.

Why buy an air conditioner in Ypres?

Acquiring an air conditioner has numerous advantages. We are happy to count them for you :

Climate Control

The most useful plus of air conditioning is cooling. However, an air conditioner performs more than just that. You can now wield the air conditioner for heating as well! By the way, advanced systems filter the air in the same way. Comes in addition: proper ventilation and humidity. In short, better and cleaned air.

Higher performance

The healthier air automatically makes you more energetic. Through filters, the air conditioner provides a very fine quality of indoor air. The air is purified of dust, pollen and unpleasant odors. It has been proven that we perform more if at a temperature of plus minus 21 degrees Celsius. The warmer it gets above that, the worse the performance. We all know how exhausting it is to complete our work at, say, 30° Celsius. So a purchase of an air conditioner not only improves your employees' job satisfaction, but also their performance. Why is it that currently all supermarkets have air conditioning? Buyers then stay longer, are less adrift so they will also purchase more. The same reasoning applies to cafes, hospitals, dental offices, cinemas, hotels, restaurants, etc.

Low heating costs

As already informed above, nowadays you can also handle an air conditioner as a heater. If you also have solar panels on your roof, your air conditioning becomes completely remarkable. Because an air conditioner can also heat, people also chatter about a heat pump. A heat pump is a machine that emits heat. A well-known example of heat pumps in a household appliance is the freezer. The big advantage of a heat pump is its energy-efficient heating, which logically in turn is interesting for your energy bill.

Types of air conditioning

There are varied brands of air conditioners. Usually they are divided into 2 families: the monoblock and the split air conditioner. With monoblocks there is almost 1 unit, while with a split air conditioner there is an outdoor and indoor unit. Split air conditioners are more suitable for wide spaces, such as offices and stores in Ypres. A monoblock is more likely to be installed for smaller areas, such as living rooms.

Choosing the best calculated air conditioner

It is relevant that you choose an air conditioner in the city of BVs like Karl Vannieuwkerke and Jonathan Blondel (ex soccer player) that is most correct for the location you want to cool & heat. Without a doubt, you can always opt for an air conditioner with too powerful a capacity. But then beware of colossal temperature fluctuations and excess energy consumption. Then again, the problem with too weak a capacity is that it is harder to reach the preferred temperature.

These elements affect the capacity determination:

  • the house where it is installed
  • the volume of persons
  • light sources.

If you call on Aquaconsult, our air conditioning mechanic from Ypres will tell you perfectly what capacity you best need.


Mounting a monoblock air conditioner without an outdoor unit is not complicated. At Aquaconsult, you have 2 choices: either you attach the air conditioner yourself, or we do it for you. Do you choose to mount the air conditioner yourself? Then you get a detailed manual that helps you through every step of the process.

If you choose to have air conditioning installed at your home in Ypres, expect an average additional cost of plus minus 475.


We tip all 36,000 Ypres residents to have their air conditioner serviced once a year by an authorized Aquaconsult mechanic in Ypres. With such a service you will immediately know whether the installation is still working perfectly. Poorly maintained air conditioners can cause you to blow pollen, mold and bacteria around your home and make your family sick.


We also service the following (sub)municipalities for the Ypres region: Langemark-Poelkapelle, Zonnebeke, Heuvelland, Poperinge, Wervik.

Aquaconsult also operates elsewhere in West Flanders: we also install and maintain air conditioners in Bruges, Kortrijk, Ostend, Roeselare, Waregem, Torhout, Knokke-Heist, Wevelgem and Poperinge.

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