Air conditioning Brasschaat

As a resident of Brasschaat, do you want to be well prepared for a future heat wave? Therefore, are you looking in the Park Municipality area for a good air conditioner for your home or business? Let AeroConsult inform you, because we can help you find the perfect solution!

Why buy an air conditioner in Brasschaat?

There are several advantages to bringing an air conditioner into your home. We'll tell you the main ones:

Climate Control

Although air conditioning is most commonly used for cooling, an air conditioner can do more than just that. Advanced air conditioning systems now also offer the option of heating, ventilation and improved air quality through filtration of pollutants. The result? Purified, ventilated and healthy air with proper humidity.

Heating at a lower price

We shared it briefly, but nowadays you can use an air conditioner as a heating source. This heating is made possible by a heat pump, a device that moves heat. A well-known example of heat pumps in a household appliance is the freezer. The advantage of such a pump is that it provides energy-efficient heating, which is logically interesting for your energy bill. If you also combine solar panels with it, your air conditioning becomes very economical.

Higher performance

The fresh, purified indoor air produced by an air conditioner automatically makes you feel more energetic. Research shows that a temperature of plus minus 21° Celsius produces the most performance and productivity. When the temperature rises, productivity decreases. So a purchase of an air conditioner not only improves the job satisfaction of you and your colleagues, but also their performance. Stores, cafes, hospitals, dentists' offices, cinemas and so on are also fully attracting air conditioning. In fact, it has been proven that customers are more likely to linger longer and they make more purchases when they are not stressed by the heat.

Types of air conditioners

There are different types of air conditioning systems. They are often divided into two families: monoblock air conditioners and split air conditioners. Monoblocks have one unit and are usually used for smaller areas, such as a lounge, for example. Split air conditioners have an outdoor and an indoor unit and are more suitable for larger areas, such as offices and stores in Brasschaat. AeroConsult specializes in monoblock air conditioners, namely those of the Innova brand.

Choosing the best air conditioner for your situation

It is essential to choose an air conditioner that is suitable for the location where you want to install it. If you choose an air conditioner with too much capacity, you have to watch out for large temperature fluctuations and that excess energy consumption does not occur. If you choose a model with too little capacity, it will be more difficult to achieve the desired temperature.

These elements affect the capacity determination:

  • The location where the air conditioner will be
  • The number of persons
  • Light sources.

When you call on AeroConsult, our air conditioning mechanic from Brasschaat will inform you perfectly about which capacity is best for you.

Air conditioning installation

Installing a monoblock air conditioner without an outdoor unit is easy. At AeroConsult, you have two options: do the installation yourself or have it done by our experts. Do you choose to set up the air conditioner yourself? Then you get a clear manual that guides you step by step. If you choose to have the air conditioner installed at your home or business in Brasschaat, the delivery time will be slightly longer and there will be an additional cost.

Tips for maintenance

For normal air conditioners, we advise all Brasschaat residents to ensure that their air conditioner is checked annually by a licensed AeroConsult installer. A maintenance check-up is important to determine if the unit is still working properly and if there are any possible health risks related to pollen, mold and bacteria. The Innova Monoblock air conditioner, on the other hand, is almost completely maintenance-free to even low-maintenance. Of course, if something does go wrong, you can always contact AeroConsult.

Your air conditioning technician in Brasschaat

Are you looking for an experienced installer of air conditioners in Brasschaat? With AeroConsult, you've come to the right place. Our specialists have years of experience installing air conditioners without an outdoor unit. Our field engineers will do everything possible to install your air conditioner as quickly and efficiently as possible, allowing you to enjoy the ideal temperature during the warm months.

AeroConsult also operates elsewhere in Antwerp: we also install and maintain air conditioners in Antwerp, Mechelen, Turnhout, Heist-op-den-Berg, Geel, Herentals, Lier, Schoten and Hoogstraten.

Want to know more? Contact us now for a free quote or for more information.