Why is an air conditioner an interesting purchase?

Which benefits are there to buying an air conditioner? We have a few for you:

1. Manage your climate

(Having) an air conditioner installed can keep your rooms pleasantly cool on hotter summer days. Especially in rooms with many windows that quickly become very hot, it is very unpleasant to stay in. In that case, having an air conditioner is the solution.


However, an air conditioner does more than just cool the air. Modern systems, such as the Innova Monoblock air conditioner, can also be used to heat. In addition, an air conditioner provides better ventilation and humidity in a room, and can be equipped with an ionization system to purify the purify the air of pollen, particulate matter, viruses and other unwanted particles. In short: with an air conditioner, you enjoy healthy and pleasant air.

2. Increase your performance

Purchasing an air conditioner also generates benefits for both employees and customers. We state:

  • Air conditioners are usually equipped with filters that clean the air of dust, pollen and unpleasant odors. This leads to better air quality, and this healthier air in turn provides more energy.
  • We all know how difficult it is to work in a room that is too warm. In fact, it has been proven that we perform better and faster at a room temperature of about 21 degrees Celsius. The warmer the room, the more difficulty we have with our work.
  • Finally, a lot of business today have purchased air conditioning. Why? The presence of an air-conditioning system makes customers stay in a business longer and are more relaxed. This increases the likelihood that they will spend more. This logic also applies to other places, such as restaurants, cafes or cinemas.
 So an air conditioner not only increases job satisfaction but also productivity.

3. Lower heating costs

In addition to creating a fresh space, you can also use an air conditioner as a heating source due to the available heat pump. The big advantage of such a heat pump is that it heats your space in an energy-efficient and fast way. This is obviously good news for your energy bills. If you also combine solar panels with your air conditioner, you will enjoy a completely energy-efficient climate system.

Why Aalst residents want air conditioning

1. Climate Control

Always your ideal temperature

2. Higher performance

More productivity and fun

3. Low cost heating

Save energy and costs

Types of air conditioners

There are different types of air conditioners. Most are classified into two groups, split air conditioners and monoblock air conditioners.

  • Split air conditioners have two units, an indoor and an outdoor unit, and are mainly used for larger spaces, such as a large office space or a store in Aalst.
  • Monoblocks have one unit, an indoor unit, and are mainly used in rooms with a small footprint, such as your bedroom. AeroConsult is an expert in the field of monoblock air conditioners.

Need help choosing the right device? Want to know more? Then contact one of our field experts for a no-obligation site visit.

Choose the right air conditioner

An important fact when choosing an air conditioner, is the capacity determination. Namely, you need to ask yourself what capacity is appropriate for your situation. Because, an air conditioner with too much power will cause huge fluctuations in temperature and consume energy unnecessarily. But, if you choose an air conditioner with too little power, it will be more difficult to achieve the desired temperature.

Typically, it is best to consider the following factors when choosing the right capacity:

1. The size of the room

2. The number of people who regularly use the space

3. The light sources present

When you call on AeroConsult, our air conditioning installer from Aalst will determine the appropriate output for your situation.


Installing a monoblock air conditioner without an outdoor unit is not difficult. At AeroConsult, you have two options: either you install the air conditioner yourself, or we'll send someone to do it for you.

  • Do you choose to install the air conditioner yourself? Then you will receive a clear and practical manual that explains every step of the process.
  • When you choose an AeroConsult installer, you can expect reliable service at a limited price.

Little to no maintenance

All Aalst residents should have their air conditioning checked annually checked by a licensed AeroConsult technician. From such regular maintenance, we will know if the air conditioning is still working properly. This is because a poorly maintained air conditioner can allow pollen, mold and bacteria into your home, which in turn causes illness.


With AeroConsult's monoblock air conditioners, however, you don't have to, because these air conditioners are low-maintenance to maintenance-free. If a problem does arise, AeroConsult is always there for you.

Keep a cool head in Aalst

Want to protect yourself from a potentially hot summer, and are convinced of the benefits of monoblock air conditioners? AeroConsult is at your service. We have the best air conditioning technicians in the Aalst area, who deliver the best service time after time. All you have to do is enjoy your preferred indoor temperature - no matter how hot or cold it is outside.

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