Why buy an air conditioner in Tongeren?

When you get an air conditioner in your home, it brings a lot of benefits with it. We list them for you below.

1. Climate Control

Cooling a room is a great benefit of an air conditioner that everyone is familiar with. It provides a cool temperature on hot summer days. But that's not all an air conditioner can do.


Thanks to heat pumps, which are often present in modern air conditioners, an air conditioning system can also heat on colder days. In addition, an air conditioner improves ventilation and air quality through its filters. The air conditioner filters the air of pollen and unwanted particles. Thus, an air conditioner ensures pleasant and healthy air.

2. Increased performance

A lot of studies have shown that air conditioning has numerous benefits for both employees and customers. We list a few examples.

  • Everyone notices that it is difficult to perform in high temperatures. Researchers have proven that 21 degrees Celsius is the ideal temperature for optimal performance.


  • A lot of businesses, such as supermarkets and restaurants, have purchased air conditioning. Air conditioning provides an ideal temperature and air quality, ensuring a pleasant stay for customers. This can lead to increased spending, as customers are more likely to extend their stay in your business.


  • As mentioned earlier, air conditioning provides better air quality, which is beneficial to employees' energy and ability to concentrate. This also allows them to perform better.


In short, then, air conditioners improve workplace comfort and are beneficial to employee productivity and customer stay.

3. Reduced heating costs

Often overlooked is the financial benefit of an air conditioner. Thanks to the (often) heat pumps the air conditioner can heat the room quickly and efficiently. By combining the heat pumps with solar panels, you get an energy-efficient system to control the indoor climate in a sustainable way. Therefore, this will also reduce energy costs.

Why Tongans Want Air Conditioning

1. Climate Control

Always your ideal temperature

2. Higher performance

More productivity and fun

3. Low cost heating

Save energy and costs

Various air conditioners

There are several types of air conditioners, which are generally divided into two types: split air conditioners and monoblock air conditioners. We briefly explain to you the difference.

  • A monoblock air conditioner contains only one unit - an indoor unit. Therefore, people often use them for smaller rooms, such as a bedroom.
  • A split air conditioner consists of two units: an indoor unit and an outdoor unit. It is suitable for larger spaces such as supermarkets or catering establishments.


At AeroConsult, we focus on monoblock air conditioners.

Need help choosing the right device? Want to know more? Then contact one of our field experts for a no-obligation site visit.

Choosing the right air conditioner

To choose the appropriate air conditioner, the capacity of the air conditioner plays an important role. Of course, you can choose to get an air conditioner with a high capacity. But too high a capacity results in large temperature fluctuations and unnecessarily high energy costs. The problem with too low a capacity is that it will be difficult to achieve the desired temperature.

So making the right choice is certainly essential. The following elements are important to consider when making your choice.

1. The size of the room

2. The number of people who regularly use the space

3. The light sources present

When you call on AeroConsult, our air conditioning installer from Tongeren will help you make the right choice.

Air conditioning installation in Tongeren

A monoblock air conditioner is fairly easy to install. That's why at AeroConsult we give you two choices. With both options, we guarantee a smooth installation process.

  • You can choose to install the air conditioner yourself. In doing so, we provide you with detailed instructions to make the installation as smooth as possible.
  • You can also leave the installation to us. Our experienced air conditioning installer will then come to your home in Tongeren to install the air conditioner professionally and reliably.

Air conditioning maintenance

At AeroConsult, we recommend that every air conditioning owner in Tongeren have their air conditioning checked annually checked. That way, you won't have to doubt whether your air conditioner is still working properly. This is because when an air conditioner is poorly maintained, it can circulate pollen, mold and bacteria through the room. These airborne particles can be a risk to your health and that of your family.


A monoblock air conditioner requires very little maintenance. This ensures that you can enjoy your air conditioner carefree. Do you still encounter problems? Then AeroConsult will be there for you.

An optimal indoor climate in Tongeren

Have we convinced you to enjoy an optimal indoor climate in Tongeren? If so, AeroConsult is totally at your service. Our dedicated team of experienced air conditioning technicians will be happy to give you their customized advice and service. This way, you can be sure of your choice and your air conditioner will be professionally and reliably installed. Enjoy your desired temperature, whether hot or cold, with AeroConsult's air conditioners.

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