Healthy air for babies and children is a must

Did you know that young children breathe up to 50 percent more air per kilogram of body weight than adults? This fact, combined with the fact that children and especially babies often spend a lot of time indoors, emphasizes the importance of healthy indoor air for them:

- The lungs of young children are still growing and therefore particularly sensitive to the effects of air pollution. - Thus, prolonged exposure to polluted indoor air can lead to respiratory problems and asthma. - In addition, polluted air negatively affects children's overall health. For example, it can lead to colds, the development of allergies, disruption of hormone balance and lower lung function.

Here's how to make indoor air healthier for your kids

So it is crucial to create a healthy living environment, including healthy indoor air. Here are some ways to achieve this:

1. Avoid using products that emit odor, such as incense, scented candles and toilet deodorizers, because the substances they contain can linger in the room for up to six to eight hours. These substances can affect air quality and have hormone-disrupting effects.

2. Keep your home regularly clean and dust-free to minimize the accumulation of pollutants.

3. Provide adequate ventilation and air exchange. For example, open windows and/or doors regularly, bring air-purifying plants into your home or use a fume hood during and after cooking. This helps remove polluted indoor air and bring in fresh outdoor air.

4. Consider using an air purifier to maximize indoor air quality. An air purifier helps remove fine particles, allergens and other pollutants, making the air you breathe at its healthiest.


By following these simple steps, you can contribute to a healthier indoor environment for you and your family.

Protect your family with the healthiest air available

AeroConsult focuses on using air purifiers to achieve the highest possible indoor air quality. Our air purifiers ensure that your family is optimally protected from air pollution from pollen, toxic gases, bacteria and viruses. The corresponding systems of air filtration (also in combination with air conditioning and/or balanced ventilation) are of course also effective for complaints related to allergies such as hay fever. Through our systems, equipped with our effective ionization technology, the air quality in your home is much higher, diseases and allergies are avoided and you and your children or baby sleep much better. Our mission is to ensure that your airways at home are truly rested. Breathe deeply with relief with Aeroconsult.

How does the ionisation of indoor air work?

Ions are molecules that have lost or gained at least one electron. They are negatively or positively charged and thus polarized. Aeroconsult brings all the advantages of this ionisation into your home. The operation of our ionisation systems can be compared to the effect of a heavy thunderstorm on the air quality. Thunderstorms generate negative ions that have a favourable effect on air purity and the oxygen content of air molecules. Negative ions also have a proven effect on the human body's ability to better absorb oxygen and on histamine production.

Ionization of air with Aeroconsult

The Aeroconsult air purifiers produce billions of electrons per second that turn into negative ions when they come into contact with the oxygen molecules in the air. The production of these electrons results in a concentration of more than 250,000 negative ions per cm³ without any ozone production. This makes Aeroconsult the first company to offer this product without the negative side effects. The result is: an enriched air, completely free of dryness, viruses, bacteria, fine dust or pollen.

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