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GPS-iMOD is een modulair bipolair ionisatiesysteem die gemaakt is om dekking te bieden over spoelbreedtes van 6 inch (of 15 cm). Het kan een lengte hebben van maximum 144 inch, of 366 cm. Dit ionisatiesysteem is erg krachtig: het kan meer dan 140 miljoen ionen/cc per inch bar aan. Ook is het bestendig tegen temperaturen van -40°C tot 60°C. Het is overal installeerbaar.


With ionization, millions of positive and negative ions are sent into the room. Those ions cling to dust particles, germs and pollen, among other things, so you no longer inhale them. For example, it has been proven that the number of coronavirus particles in the air was reduced by 90% after one hour of exposure to ionization technology.

Product benefits

The big advantage of this product is the energy saving. It uses much less energy than other air purification systems. It also emits no ozone, in contrast to other systems. So it not only ensures clean air, but also a clean earth.


- More than 140 million ions per cc/inch bar
– Zelf aanpasbare lengte (in delen van 6 inch)

- Select the voltage yourself via a button on the main part

- It weighs barely 2 kg

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